Just entertainment, through voice messages

Rec, listen, laugh loudly

Introducing VocalMess: a revolutionary voice message sharing platform

VocalMess is a groundbreaking platform designed for recording, sharing, voting on, and discussing voice messages. The app offers a fresh take on entertainment, placing the power of the human voice at the forefront.

VocalMess's primary goal is to bring joy and positive energy into people's lives through the power of the human voice.

We strive to create a space where users can share their thoughts, ideas, and stories, all while experiencing the magic of spoken word.

By harnessing the unique charm of voice messages, VocalMess offers an unparalleled entertainment experience that connects users through laughter, creativity, and the power of the spoken word.

How it works

Don't use VocalMess to see what your friends are sharing, you're not on a social network but on a social media. Instead, use it to laugh and immerse yourself in the magic of the internet.

Our goal is to give people lots of laughs and good humor. To give you a space to share your thoughts, through the magic of the voice.

With VocalMess you can:
- Record voice messages up to 15 seconds long and post them with optional tags
- Search for posts by tags
- Comment on posts using their own voice
- Listen to individual posts and related comments
- Vote or share posts with others
- Use the "Enjoy Loop" feature to listen to a virtually endless podcast consisting of all available messages on the platform
- Use the "copy button" to obtain the HTML code for embedding a single voice message on a website
- Report inappropriate content

What are you waiting for? Record a voice message and post it on VocalMess! It will be voted on and will go viral in a short time.

Unleash the magic of audio content

VocalMess provides users with an entirely new audio experience, emphasizing the enchanting and mysterious nature of the spoken word. Unlike visual content, which can often be understood instantly, audio captivates the imagination and sparks curiosity. VocalMess transports users into a world of endless, engaging conversations on a wide variety of topics.

Your one-stop hub for voice messages

VocalMess is also the first hub for voice messages, a place where you can publish your own voice messages and then share them elsewhere.

As the premier destination for voice messages, VocalMess enables users to publish their own audio snippets and share them across multiple platforms. It's not just another social network; it's a social media experience designed to immerse users in the fascinating world of audio entertainment.

A platform committed to respectful expression

VocalMess is a non-free speech platform and it is open to anyone, so we eliminate hate speech, divisive content and offensive content in the voice messages.

VocalMess is dedicated to providing a space for open and inclusive audio entertainment. As such, the platform strictly prohibits hate speech, divisive content, and offensive material in voice messages. We have implemented comprehensive community guidelines to ensure that the app remains a safe and enjoyable space for all users.

Developed by Zonch Raoul